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Special Webinar on Climate: Problem Identification & Solution

On 29th Aug’21, the first episode of the special series webinar on climate was held with a topic stated as “Climate: Problem Identification & Solution.” Young adults (aged 18 to 35 years) working in varied professions and from 19 larger districts participated in this webinar. This webinar is organized for the purpose of finding innovative ideas and identifying activities based on participatory discussions with young adults on climate change. This webinar was hosted by Probha Aurora, a social enterprise from Bangladesh. 

Dr. Md. Enamur Rahman MP, Honorable Minister of State, Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh announced the launch of the webinar series and joined as the Chief Guest in the event. 

Mr. Shah Kamal, Climate Disaster, Rehabilitation and Project Specialist & Former Senior Secretary, Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief moderated the event flawlessly. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Shah said, “The young generation wants to see Bangladesh in a beautiful way. They want to realize the dream of the father of the nation. And what is needed is a sustainable Bangladesh. If we can establish, achieve and sustain this sustainable Bangladesh for our future generations, we need to find ways to get rid of the harmful impacts of  this climate change and disaster.” 

Bidhan Chandra Pal, Founder and Managing Director of Probha Aurora delivered the welcome address at the beginning of the program. He said “The climate of the world is changing now. Climate will always change, but the way this change is happening now is really worrying. Because the magnitude of this change is so great and there is ample reliable evidence that mankind is directly responsible for this change. Any kind of climate change can create instability in the environmental and social conditions around the world. As a result, achieving the goals of the SDGs, conserving the natural environment and ensuring the sustainability of the socio-economic system will be at risk. And most importantly, the future of those of us who are here may be in jeopardy. Now we are dealing with Covid-19 very seriously. But it should not be forgotten that the root cause of the epidemic is the destruction of nature. So, I think the need to work with enough importance on climate issues is now immense.” He also said, “It is our sincere hope that through the discussions in the webinar, various exceptional and necessary youth and youth initiatives to tackle climate change across the country will be developed jointly and individually. And in all these initiatives, Probha Aurora will be ready to provide the necessary cooperation, support and even patronage.”

Speaking as the chief guest, the Hon’ble Minister said, “Probha Aurora continues its work on climate change with young people at the center, which I think is really important. Young people are the driving force of this country. Today, it has become possible for the youth to move from a poor country to a low middle-income country and a developing country. 

We are already beginning to experience extreme changes in the weather and seasons. When it is not raining, it is affecting our body and health due to extreme heat. In addition, due to the change in the temperature of the country due to climate change, the number of deaths due to lightning is increasing and we are starting to notice many kinds of effects including frequent floods.

I have learned that Probha Aurora is going to start various environmental protection activities jointly with the Foundation for Environment Education in Denmark, the largest environmental education institution in the world. They will also undertake various educational programs and training activities based on the curricula and guidelines of UNESCO and UNEP. Probha Aurora is also playing an important role in the Risk Communication and Community Engagement Committee in dealing with Covid-19.

Today, through this webinar, I am announcing the launch of Probha Aurora’s Series webinar activities. I hope and believe that a lot of good initiatives will come out through this. We will find fruitful thoughts, ideas – which will play a very useful role in tackling climate change.” 

Probha Aurora’s Advisor Dr. Aftab Uddin, Probha Aurora’s colleagues and journalists from various media participated in this webinar as well. The first episode of this series webinar was broadcasted through the Facebook page of Probha Aurora while the actual event was held on Virtual Zoom Platform. 

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