National Operator of FEE

Volunteer Support Services

We maintain professional volunteer team as well as freshly trained volunteers to support the following activities:

Organize local and national climate and environmental-related events.
Conduct climate and environmental-related research involving qualitative and quantitative data collection.
Develop eco-friendly entrepreneurship.
Engage communities through awareness and educational programs.
Provide training and capacity building led by young leaders for youth and teenagers.
Organize experience-sharing sessions with different countries.
Coordinate cultural events.

Our volunteers are committed to providing the following services in the future:

Conduct issue and theme-based environment and climate-related events at local, regional, national, and international levels through different means: physical, virtual, and hybrid.
Perform qualitative and quantitative research, data collection, analysis, and report writing in different languages, including Bangla and English.
Deliver environmentally friendly training for new entrepreneurship development and enhance current entrepreneurs' skills.
Develop various eco-friendly products and promote them.
Provide a platform for local eco-friendly entrepreneurs to sell their products.
Initiate environment and climate change issue-based educational and awareness programs to empower local communities through youth groups.
Organize and conduct training and capacity-building programs for different age groups.
Arrange best practices and learning sessions with different countries and for different countries.
Organize and conduct local street drama programs and theme-based cultural programs for tourism industries, government institutions, embassies, and others.
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