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Carbon Footprint Tracker

Track Your Steps, Shrink Your Carbon: Our Footprint Tracker, Your Journey to a Greener Tomorrow!

Probha Aurora is a climate-sensitive and youth-focused social enterprise. The purpose of the app, hosted by Probha Aurora, is to calculate how much carbon an organization or an individual emits through its daily activities and recommend mitigation measures. By using this app, a person, industry or organization can acknowledge more about how carbon is emitted frequently in their daily life, through food consumption, travel, daily habits, and other activities. People can also learn more about the carbon emissions from country to globally and what kind of opportunities is available to reduce carbon emissions. This application is regardless of nationality, religion, gender, or age.

As from Probha Aurora to combat climate change, we are going to create an application through which a specific person or an organization, a factory, or a family can calculate the number of carbon emissions. Not only that, how much excess has been emitted, but also how to mitigate it, opportunities and plans.

We participated in a competition on behalf of NASA named “NASA space apps challenged 2022” where we shared our new idea. We will show that using the records of carbon footprints from this calculator, it is possible to see remotely through satellites instantly, carbon emissions and footprints in real-time location. That anyone can take action to offset the footprints. Such a system in the application is called “Carbon Auto Calculator”

This application shall be launched for everyone. But students studying in university & famous organization shall be playing the main actor role.
Because youth can easily spread innovation among people, so many organizations from strategic partners such as food panda and E-commerce are highly interested in promoting our ideas on their websites.


Current Status


Value Addition

Waste Management:
  • basics tips for categorizing wastage
Technology Integration:
  • bio-degradable/none bio-degradable scanner
  • Artificial intelligence
    • machine learning
    • application program interphase with satellite
Food Selection Tips:

helps to choose the food with low carbon emissions.

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