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Guiding Youth towards Ethical Environmental Leadership

About Probha Aurora

Based in Bangladesh, Probha Aurora is a climate-sensitive, youth-focused socially committed enterprise that envisions a world of transformed teenagers and young adults possessing moral values and demonstrating ethical behaviors in their daily lives, especially in their response towards the environment and climate change.

This enterprise began its journey to help these teenagers and young adults to safeguard them against the visible erosion of moral values and encourage them to use their platforms effectively to protect the environment and address climate change across the country.

The words Probha (Bengali – from the East) and Aurora (English – from the West) together (meaning: light and the rays of the rising sun) reflect the global nature of both problems and the need for solutions to them.

Probha Aurora is the sole national operator of the FEE programme in Bangladesh, entrusted with implementing all the 5 global flagship programmes of FEE in Bangladesh!

They emphasize on documentation and knowledge sharing towards creating replicable revenue-generation models for a greener future forging partnership networks globally and locally.

Bidhan Chandra Pal, Founder and Managing Director
Our Vision

A world with climate-conscious teenagers and young adults who embody strong moral values and demonstrate ethical ways of working.

Our Mission

To empower teenagers and young adults to be ethical and moral while responding to the environment and climate change globally as well as locally.

Our Mission

To provide sustainable life skills and career-building opportunities, to ensure equitable access to digital technologies and resources, and to reconnect our young people with the environment and international climate change networks.

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