National Operator of FEE

Research Support Services

Collaborative Research Initiatives:

Actively collaborating with institutes like Bangladesh University of Health Sciences, Consortium for Climate and Health, and Waste Hero Alliance to enhance research capabilities.

Expert Resource Group:

Maintaining a multidisciplinary resource group comprising experts from various backgrounds, ensuring a holistic approach to research in environmental challenges.

WHO and JHUCCP Collaboration:

Forging significant collaborations with WHO and JHUCCP, with research under the Risk Communication and Community Engagement pillar earning widespread acclaim.

Youth-Driven Research:

Actively involving young adults in research endeavors, harnessing their creativity and fresh perspectives to address climate change and protect the environment.

Recent Research Highlights:

Conducted joint rapid assessments with Johns Hopkins University, focusing on public perceptions of COVID-19 vaccination and human behavioral aspects related to eco-friendly products.

National and International Recognition:

Probha Aurora's commitment to evidence-based research has garnered recognition both nationally and internationally, contributing valuable insights to global conversations.

Future Research Endeavors:

Actively planning and engaging in future research endeavors to expand our impact and contribute innovative solutions in environment, climate change, and sustainable practices.

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