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Probha Aurora is working with the young leadership to build an environmentally friendly world for the new generation!

Professor (Dr) Tehmina Hussain 
Former Secretary to the Government of Bangladesh

Climate change is one of the most critical global challenges of our times. Recent trend of extreme weather worldwide has demonstrated the growing vulnerability of mankind to climate change. The impact of climate change is all encompassing in our life posing a threat to human existence. It ranges from affecting agriculture, endangering food security further, to sea-level rise and the accelerated erosion of coastal zones increasing the intensity of natural disasters.

  The world community is consolidating their united efforts by committing their corporate responsibility through different international Convention, Protocol on climate change. Being signatories to these Framework Conventions, countries across the countries need to comply with those by gradually switching to a low-carbon life-style.   

The need to engage youth in addressing climate change campaigns and efforts has been recognized globally as they play a crucial role in combating climate change. Youth education represents one of the most effective tools to combat the destructive potential of climate change and cultivate an international understanding among members of the next generation . 

 The words of Mr. Ban Ki-moon on the occasion observing the International Youth Day, 2008 with the theme “Youth and Climate change: Time for action” can be recalled at this point “They (youth) are adaptable and can quickly make low-carbon lifestyles and career choices a part of their daily lives. Youth should therefore be given a chance to take an active part in the decision-making of local, national and global levels. They can actively support initiatives that will lead to the passage of far-reaching legislation.”.

 It has been recognized worldwide that a more defined role should be given to the youth to prevent the impact of climate change. Need for conducting major studies among youth regarding awareness about climate change is essential to address this critical longstanding crisis. The need to make the young people aware about the magnitude of this problem is important because they are not only the future residents of this earth rather, they also need to lead the process of tackling climate change in future.  

The upcoming UN Climate Change Conference, popularly known as COP26, is going to be held in Glasgow from 1-12 November 2021UK. Against the current backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – this upcoming summit is of crucial importance since the negotiation of the Paris Agreement in 2015. For attaining a more sustainable, resilient and zero-carbon future, we need a whole economic transformation in which everyone including the youth leaders need to play an increasingly vital role.

It gives me pleasure and hope as well to see that Probha Aurora has provided a platform for engaging the youth in the process of addressing climate change. I sincerely believe that they have the potential of being the change agents in the process which would come up with sustainable solutions in the long run. 


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