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We need those people who will bring benefit for other people, and by whom environment and climate will be benefited

Khairul Alam Sabuj 

Prominent actor, writer and translator 

People live in an environment, live life. George Bernard Shaw was a playwright who used to work for an organization called the Fabian Society. He did not want to see the slums. When he was asked, why he didn’t want to, his reply was, “I don’t feel good to see (the slum).” 

The environment makes the human beings – its size, manners, and behaviours. It is given truth that right kind of life will not be shaped without right kind of environment. 

Healthy people live where the climate is beautiful. It is very important for human body, human health, healthy living of human beings. 

We are currently going through an epidemic. It’s been almost two years since we are unable to live normal life and fear has entered into our mind. But strangely enough, there is greed in human character, and human being by coveting, what he calls improvement, harms the climate and the environment. Already things have been changed due to human actions but still there is constant experimentation without foresight what will happen if any one does something. 

Technology is changing. Technology is improving. That’s what people are saying. But this improvement must be controlled by a humanistic thinking. Only then the environment will be beautiful. 

We do not know when this epidemic will come to an end. The epidemic cannot be tamed under cover – it will surface out but people have to be careful. People have to walk in a beautiful way, must be in control and must follow the rules. If people move in a beautiful way all over the world, then, they can make up for the loss that is happening now. That’s the way to live. 

Let the greedy people perish. That’s what I’m saying because greedy people are not needed. We need those people who will bring benefit for other people, and by whom environment and climate will be benefited. 

Who are doing “Probha Aurora” now, have come forward because they want to do these things. “We Fame Them” so that they become inspired to do more in this regard. And why they do? The beauty, the truth, doing good and bringing welfare to others matter to them. It is eternal and that’s what we want.


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