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Create Awareness on climate change, while building ethical and moral values in young people

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Probha Aurora seeks local and global partnerships/alliances to transform teenagers and young adults as change agents for environment and climate change.

Eventually, this support will promote systemic change in the value base of young people and help build a prosperous society working towards reducing the risks of climate change.

We are committed to building the ethical and moral values ​​of teenagers and young adults across the country as part of the implementation of the National Integrity Strategy of Bangladesh. We seek to do this by focusing our work on creating and increasing awareness of climate change among teenagers and young adults.

We are a social enterprise
Your expert advice will be highly appreciated in advancing the organisation’s core objectives

Probha Aurora is dedicated to recruiting the best staff possible, hiring internationally minded people to carry out its work in tackling climate change and building a society with high ethics and values. We invite you to explore the opportunities and benefits of working with us.

A Strategic Approach To The Climate Crisis

Recent News & Updates

Climate-conscious, Moral values ​​and Global ethics.

We believe in the promotion and dissemination of environmentally friendly domestic products.

We believe that this will help to protect the environment. We also hope that this will be an opportunity to get to know the region and the country better. It will be one of the most environmentally integrated and comprehensive platforms for content in the country.


Forgoing Partnership and Networking

Probha Aurora is active as a member of various associations and consortiums both domestically and internationally. Among such consortiums and associations are:

• Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS)
• CONsortium for Climate and Health (CONCH)
• Commonwealth of Independent States-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CIS-BCCI)
• e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB)
• Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE)
• Global Climate and Health Alliance
• Global Waste Cleaning Network (GWCN)
• Risk Communication and Community Engagement Pillar (RCCE)
• Rotary International
• Waste Hero Alliance


One of the products of Probha Aurora is Sabuj Sathi. Sabuj Sathi started its journey as an eco-friendly center on March 5, 2022. Our great pleasure is to witness in a short period of time its gradual recognition and acclaim from various quarters and media as the country’s first eco-friendly products integrated platform as well as the first green logistics e-commerce site in Bangladesh! Its products can be collected from anywhere in the country by ordering on the website. For details please visit:

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