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Everybody who cares about climate change can make a difference through united effort.

We are working all over the country. Talks are underway to spread our activities in several other countries as well as within Bangladesh.

Goodwill Ambassador

Goodwill Ambassadors are highly adorable faces of Probha Aurora. Eminent national and international personalities from the fields of art, music, film, sports and many more volunteer their time to play a pivotal role in mobilizing support for Probha Aurora to reach the most disadvantaged teenagers and young adults with lifesaving help and hope generating tools!

Enrollment in the program

This registration form is only for teenagers and young adults between the ages of 10-35. If you belong to these age groups, fill out this registration form according to your interests. You are requested to complete this registration form to participate in the various activities of Probha Aurora. Although the activities of this organisation mainly focus on the context of Bangladesh, teenagers and young adults from any country of the world can also participate in these activities.


Probha Aurora seeks support and builds partnerships and alliances with the Government, National and International Development Partners, Academia and the Private Sector to scale up and strengthen its activities and programs for teenagers and young adults. Eventually, this support will promote systemic change in the values base of young people and help build a prosperous society working towards reducing the risks of climate change.

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