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They deserve thanks and I thank them

Dilara Zaman 

Eminent drama and film actress 

The catastrophe we are facing now is originated from the nature. I am not talking about the ruin of our personal lives but a larger environment through which we live our lives, we live in, and the cruelty we have inflicted upon this nature day after day. Now, the whole world, not just our own country, is suffering from the consequences. 

The climate has changed drastically and the way it has started to affect our lives is very sad and painful for us. We are enduring these and only time will tell how many more disasters will visit us in the future. 

Though we are educated we remain indifferent to our nature! This is our misfortune! We have done cruelty to nature- by cutting down the hill, trees and occupying the river. As we know since childhood, nature takes its own revenge and now it is taking that revenge. The world’s climate has changed, and peoples’ lives have changed. And instead of our happy living with benefits of scientific technology, we have dragged into pain and sorrow! We are pretending! The lack of awareness, I would say most of the time, is that our education does not give value to this issue. We see some organizations which, through their activities, inspire and aware us especially the youth, teenagers and children so that we do not treat nature cruelly. And the organization called Probha Aurora is inspiring us to build climate tolerant villages, climate tolerant countries. Their work is really commendable. They are inspiring us everywhere through the message that if nature survives, we will survive, if climate survives, we will survive. In fact, they are trying to inculcate the spirit of Climate Tolerant Bangladesh and Climate Tolerant Village. I welcome them as they are trying to use the experiences of senior citizens like us. 

Now, they plant fruit trees on the road side but if we plant palm trees keeping distance in between! 

In the past, there were enough palm trees in the country side. During lightning storm, palm trees used to guard against the lightning. But now! The palm trees in the village are seen cut and replaced by some other small fruit tree or something else there. Fruit trees are needed but we also need the plants that help us withstand all these changes in our nature. 

They are using and spreading the experience of the aged people like us and those elderly people living in the villages. That’s why they deserve thanks and I thank them.


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