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Probha Aurora: May light shine in all darkness from east to west

Md. Moktarul Islam

Masters student, Department of Mathematics, Carmichael College, Rangpur

At a time when the present world is apprehensive about the harmful effects of the environment and climate change, the least work of any organisation in the world on the environment and climate is beneficial to the world. Probha Aurora’s dream of creating a beautiful environment for future generations by emphasizing principles and values, combining technology and innovative ideas with teenagers and young people, undoubtedly inspires hope in the hearts of all conscious people of the world like me. 

Hopefully, through the effective role of Probha Aurora, it will be possible to free the society from drug addiction. I also believe that Probha Aurora’s multifaceted activities will create a young generation with creative, ethical and high values, who can think about the whole world and work tirelessly to build a disease-free society by identifying the ills of society.

Creative methods are needed to raise awareness. It is necessary to use the intelligence and thinking of the volunteers as well as more relentless effort is required. Without these, it is difficult to create awareness among people for a long time.

In the case of the people of Bangladesh, most of the people are accustomed to various bad habits. For example, dumping garbage, burning various plastic materials to produce harmful carbon monoxide gas, smoking in public places etc.

Without the proper implementation of far-reaching plans and plans, it is really difficult to turn people who are accustomed to these bad habits into people who are accustomed to good habits. Again, in many cases, awareness doesn’t bring much sense to people due to necessity. In such a densely populated area, if there is no dustbin in every place as per the demand, people will naturally throw dirt here and there. So, in many cases people are aware but the need forces them to do a lot of work, which is harmful to the environment.

I think all kinds of work have some challenges, and we have to face the challenges and move forward. I hope Probha Aurora will be able to face all the challenges and move forward.

I am personally concerned about the environment and the global climate and I am keen to be involved in any work in this regard, which will help in developing skills in the field as well as fulfilling responsibilities towards the environment and climate.

At last, there will be many good wishes for Probha Aurora. May the organisation brings light to all darkness in the world.


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