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Who We Are

There is a consistent degradation of the social behaviour and decaying morality and ethical behavior of teenagers and young adults in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) like Bangladesh.

Addiction to drugs and delinquent behaviour in society broadly and in social media has been incredibly rampant among teenagers and young adults in Bangladesh.

The situation has become more acute with increased violence during the challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the above context, Probha Aurora began its journey to help change this! Our purpose is to show teenagers and young people that there is another way and give them hope. That is why we have named the institution as Probha (Bengali – from the East) Aurora (English – from the West), meaning: the light and rays of the rising sun.

Using our experience and partnerships, we seek to enrich the global understanding of how to connect with teenagers and young adults to build their hopes and aspirations for a better and brighter future. Pursuant to our mission, we will discover innovative, scalable and sustainable solutions to engage teenagers and young adults now and in future with social issues such as climate change.

Bidhan Chandra Pal – soon after finishing his Masters in Social Science – decided to build his career in assisting non-governmental organizations. Over 25 years, he has worked in multiple settings including voluntary, environmental and social development organisations in Bangladesh, including with government and international organisations. He is a published author who regularly writes in leading newspapers and journals on the topics of the environment, climate change, and capacity building of teenagers and young adults. Several of his books have been published on this subject by reputed publishing houses. He is well known for using information and technology to promote innovative ideas and concepts related to the environment and climate change.

We believe in trustworthy partnerships in order to nurture long lasting relationships and sustainable effective impacts at home and abroad

All our work is based on reciprocity

We are an experienced, passionate and diverse team of youth development professionals committed to working together to progress the organisation’s mission, led by the Founder and Managing Director, Bidhan Chandra Pal. We focus on transforming the lives of teenagers & young adults to enable them to become change agents in tackling climate change. An Advisory Board formed by a group of eminent experts from diverse fields at home and abroad provide technical support and guidance in all matters related to Probha Aurora.

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